Commercial Solar Sign Lights

Sign lighting is incredibly to many businesses. One of the easiest, hassle-free ways to advertise your business is just a good visible sign that grabs the attention of passersby. However, without a lighting system in place, your sign is only working during the hours that the sun is up…this means that you are missing a ton of potential traffic and customers. I mean, imagine if your business’ website was down half of every day…what kind of negative effect would that have on your business? And what kind of positive effect would having it working 24 hours a day provide?

Traditional sign lighting systems, however, can get expensive. With the costs of electrical connections, long wiring runs, the costs of electricity to operate the lights and ongoing maintenance can make a good traditional sign lighting system cost-prohibitive to many smaller businesses.

This is where solar sign lights really shine (no pun intended, i swear). Commercial solar sign lights are simple and cheap to install…these all included packages install in just minutes, and require no electric wiring or connections, no trenching wires or relanscaping, and can be hidding within your landscaping to remain out of sight and out of mind. Additionally, solar sign lights operate completely free, with no monthly electric build, using the power of the sun.

See our featured solar commercial solar sign lights below, or view our entire line of commercial solar sign lights here.

GenLight 120LED Solar Sign & Flood Light

 GenLight 120LED Solar Sign & Flood LightThe GenLight 120LED is the latest generation of our GenLight series that started with the GenLight 54 and 108LED models. The 120LED solar sign & flood light is ideal for 10′x14′ signs and can be installed in under an hour by anyone (even if you don’t have any experience working with electrical connections). Price: $ 399.99

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GenLight 4X Solar Sign & Flood Light

GenLight 4X Solar Sign & Flood LightThe GenLight 4x is our powerful new solar sign & flood lighting system developed for double-sided signs up to 10′x14′ (or single-sided signs up to 10′x28′) that features a high-efficiency solar panel, a great lighting controller and 2 light fixtures rated at 720 Lumens output each. The GenLight 4x can be installed by a professional lighting contractor, or you can install the system yourself with limited electrical experience. Price: $ 799.00

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PatioPal 28LED Solar Sign & Flood Light

PatioPal 28LED Solar Sign & Flood LightThe PatioPal solar flood light features 28 super bright LEDs (cool white color) and is powered by a 2W, high-efficiency monocrystalline solar panel and 6v / 2000mah Li-Ion battery. The PatioPal 28LED is compact, lightweight and extremely affordable. On a full charge, the PatioPal 28LED flood light will run for a full 10-12 hours a night in residential, commercial and municipal applications. Price: $ 79.95

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